Our newest baby

Today, 7 October, we just received our newest infant. Her name is Asha, and she is 5 months old. Please pray for this newest addition to the Mzuzu Crisis Nursery family!

What happened that the girl should be found in the hands of the Nursery? The mother of the child neglected her in the courtroom before the magistrate after she was not satsified with the verdict. Doing this, the mother committed an offence called contempt of court. Because of the offence the mother was locked in. She refused to breastfeed the child and the baby just cried while the mother was refusing her food in handcuffs.


The family have three daughters and the father doesn't accept being responsible for the third born daughter who is Asha. The father thinks that it is a different man who did the work in his absence. And indeed, the father has never supported the wife during and after her pregnancy due to the reason mentioned. The wife dragged the father to court and while there the court ruled in favour of the father after the mother had not gathered enough evidence to prove that the husband is the one who did it. With the verdict, it angered the mother in courtroom hence leaving the baby in the room in protest of the judgement. This is what had led Asha to be here. The mother is in cell to answer charges of contempt of court and neglecting her child.


The husband was present and he still denies the responsibility. Ironically the father and Asha look alike. God have mercy.

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    Sibongile (Friday, 24 January 2014 03:30)

    It saddens my heart to see little babies like these suffer because of neglect from their parents...I tend to wonder why those that will love unconditionally and want kids badly fail to conceive.

    What will happen to this lovely girl? Will she be given back to the mum who obviously doesnt really care what will happen to her?

    Am childless and I would be honoured to raise this little angel in love if given the chance.If she is up for adoption please let me know. Am prepared both mentally physically financially and spiritual to care for her. And I will love care and always provide for the childs needs. I will also comply with all pre placenent and follow up procedures required by social welfare offices and yourselves.

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    He look so cute! All the best for him :)

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    Wish all the best for him from deeply inside me!

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