I am Safe Here.

I'm handsome
I'm handsome

My name is Augustine Hope and regarding my age, no one knows about it. My infomation about where I come from, my mum, dad, relatives, tribe and etc is very limited. Why it is like this by saying that I am safe? I was abandoned by my mother at Ekwenden north of Mzuzu but the reason of dumping me is not yet known. Just imagine a mother abandoning me at the age where I do walk and run, call mama, dada, can't she feel pity why she did this to a handsome boy like me? Why did she raise me up from my tender age up to this far and then decide to treat me like a turned wild cat? I don't understand at all even the sympathisers also don't understand why. Could I imagine that I was a burden to her? But why did my father not come to my rescue? My head is full of questions but answers aren't there. I wans't thrown in a pit latrine or somewhere nasty but I was just left alone at the trading centre at night where my protection or security was compromised. I was just crying for a help when the person I used to call my mother just left me alone without any remorse.

In the hands of the Police.
In the hands of the Police.

Someone came after some time who heard my cry, and that good samaritan came to my rescue and took me to the nearest Police. He was a good man, he carried me carefully and showed me love on the way to Police. This man found me naked with completely no clothes covering my body. The Police welcomed me and temporary they took good care of me as they were looking for a place where I could stay for care and protection. Some good people after they heard about my situation started coming in to give some foods and clothes and others were just interested to see me. I played around with police people as they were my only good friends then. The Social Welfare officers came with a crew from Mzuzu Crisis Nursery to take me to Mzuzu to be cared for by Mzuzu Crisis Nursery. I was very happy when I was told though it was difficult to leave my friends, police officers, behind.

The day I was rescued, feeling at home.
The day I was rescued, feeling at home.

Though their faces were strange I trusted them. I said bye to my friends and we left for Mzuzu. They brought me to Crisis nursery where I was amazed to see my fellow children in a very good environment suitable for children. They were all happy, healthy, strong and smart. I was glad to be taken to this place and I started liking it. I was given a special nanny to care for me and she is still with me though they do change one another. The place is just so awesome and a christian home. As I am here, I have been told that I will go on fostering and then get adopted but I don't know the family yet. I came weighing 9.01 kg.

I was abandoned on August 17, 2013 in the early hours and I was brought to Nursery on the same date around noon hours. I am happy here and enjoying my time as I am being developed physically and psychologically.

With my name sake - Augustine.
With my name sake - Augustine.
Happy boy now.
Happy boy now.
With my friend Olivia playing outside the Nursery.
With my friend Olivia playing outside the Nursery.

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