I Love Children.

Gertrude on a mission to rescue a baby in the village.
Gertrude on a mission to rescue a baby in the village.

My name is Gertrude Nyirenda and I come from Mzuzu City. I have been volunteering at Mzuzu Crisis Nursery for eight weeks now. I started on May 7th, 2013 and I have experienced the most wonderful two months of my life ever.

I'm a nurse by profession and wrote my licensure examinations in April 2013. I'm currently waiting for the results and working posting. I knew my licensure exam results would take long and decided to do something. Babies came into my mind but then I had to answer the question how? And where? One of my friends introduced me to Mzuzu Crisis Nursery. She had paid a visit a year before and told me a location. I went to the Nursery on May 6, 2013 where I was warmly welcomed by the Director and the caregivers. I saw the beautiful and happy babies and the decision to start the next day was made. That's how my journey started.

Feeding children with joy.
Feeding children with joy.

I don't regret a second since I have been at the Nursery and would not trade that time for anything in the world. The hugs I get every morning from the babies and the smiles and satisfied looks at the end of each day, brightens my life. Everyone at the Nursery is really great with the babies, and they (babies) receive as much love as they can get each day from these great people (employees).

With baby Janet on discharge day.
With baby Janet on discharge day.

I don't have enough words to express what the employees of Mzuzu Crisis Nursery are doing in the lives of these children. The hope in the faces of the hopeless guardians and the smiles, laughter and joy to the parents as they receive their healthy and all grown up children back home during discharge is a million blessing. May God abundantly bless the employees of the centre for what they do and may He increase the number of their living years so that they may continue to give hope to the souls which God has loved to keep and care. I'm proud to be associated with the centre and be part of implementing their cause.

She has the new twins Lusungu & Mwawi.
She has the new twins Lusungu & Mwawi.

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    Charles Nyirenda (Tuesday, 09 July 2013 08:56)

    I knew that Gertrude loves children but I did not know how deep this love was until he worked at the Nursery. Our home became an extention of the nursery as we were told all the stories of Mzuzu Crisis nursery. I would assure you that she has made us part of your team.

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    Charles Nyirenda (Tuesday, 09 July 2013 09:08)

    Gertrude had nearly impressed us to adopt Janet as her great grand mother was too old unfortunately we could not as my future is not yet certain. After discharge Gertrude visited Janet at Zolozolo and I have assured her we will try to asist where possible. I really do not know where she will be posted but her heart is with Mzuzu crisis Nursery. I am praying hard that one day she should take care of one child from there.

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    sibongile (Friday, 24 January 2014 03:43)

    Wow the story of Gertrude has really touched my heart. I too love children but I cannot have my own medically.

    My husband and I would like to adopt one . We registered with the social welfare office in the district we are last Oct and we are still waiting for our precious one....but the waiting seems long as we canf wait to hold in our hands our baby.

    If possible what can we do to adopt Janet. Please help.

    She will be loved and taken good care of as our own .

    We will comply with any placement and follow up procedures you may put in place

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