April 2013

The previous month (April 13) was an exciting month at the Nursery. Four children were discharged to different places depending with their situations. The four children are Wonderful, Patricia, Alex and Lusungu Mercy. We were filled with joy when these children were discharged to reliable and trusted hands for their continued care and support. We were happy as well to know that their hope has been restored in Christ's name with much love. All these children came here in bad state but now they are the most adorable children. God is thanked and praised for the wonderful work done on these children.


Where these children have gone and the brief history?


1. Wonderful Zgambo

On the day of discharge.
On the day of discharge.

He is a handsome boy born on 23/9/2011 and lost his mother when he was four months old. He was then cared for by his old grand mother before he actually came to the Crisis Nursery. The granny struggled to provide for the needs of the child and continuing doing this was beyond her capability. The child was then referred to the Crisis Nursery after the District Social Welfare Office had approved of his situation then.


He came at the center malnourished and weak but amazingly soon after some days he started picking up very well due to the good care and proper food diet he was receiving. He gained weight and he became a happy boy again. He was a good boy. After staying here for 13 months, he had to go to be with his family. He was discharged on April 4, 2013 to be reunited with the relatives at his home village within Mzuzu City. The parents were very happy and excited to see him back as a healthy and strong boy. He was discharged weighing 11.56kg against the admission weight of 3.3kg.

Wonderful calling his relatives.
Wonderful calling his relatives.

2. Patricia Chisambi


The story of Patricia was carried out in March 2013 and here is just to inform you our dear readers that the girl is now at Rafiki Foundation. A joint home assessment conducted by Mzuzu Crisis Nursery, Rafiki foundation and Mzimba District Social Welfare Office proved beyond reasonable doubts that the girl would be hard for her to survive at the home village. The harsh environment that made Patricia to earn a place at Fafiki were that the father was unable to provide for his family, the father has eight children cared for by relatives, he is always drunk and suffers from epilepsy. The house is small and leaks heavily and doesn't have ventilation.

Cute  girl on discharge day.
Cute girl on discharge day.

The village headman, relatives and the father himself consented to that the girl be placed at rafiki Foundation for further care, support and protection up until she would be eighteen years old. The court jus endorsed what the stakeholders had recommended for the best interst of the child.


We are happily saying that our beauty queen is now being cared for by the said organisation in Mzuzu. She was born on 5/9/2011 and mother died on the same day of delivering. She was discharged on April 4, 2013 weighing 13kg. She has never been sick since she came to the Nursery. God is worthy to be praised.

3. Alex Mtonga


The boy was born on December 26, 2011 and his dearest mother some weeks after he was born. He came to the Nursery for care when he was two months old with body weight of 3.8kg. He adapted quickly so quickly to the environment of the Nursery and he got along well with the employees and his fellow children. They loved each other very much. Alex was always happy, friendly and he was growing fast.


Alex with aunt on discharge day.
Alex with aunt on discharge day.

The boy was discharged on April9, 2013 to his paternal aunt who lives with her husband in Mzuzu. He went home weighing 11.5kg and the relatives were very happy to receive him back and resume the total responsibility on him. They love him and were encouraged to keep on showing love to the boy. They thanked the Nursery for the support they rendered to the child as well as the family during the time of the boy's critical stage. Now they are able to play with him and smile at each other.

4. Lusungu Mercy Jere


The girl had once experienced the wrath of her mother by being thrown in a pitlatrine. God made her survive in the filthy and dark place where survival was not guaranteed. God saved her from a hopeless world and brought her to a place where she could be loved with the love of God.

Lusungu with her foster parents.
Lusungu with her foster parents.

She came to Crisis Nursery and it was at this place where she got fostered by a Malawian woman who is a lecturer. The foster mother was so excited and very happy to have this girl as her own. She thanked and praised God for the wonderful gift she received. She went home smiling and hugging her new daughter.


We are as well happy and thankful to God for giving us opportunity to care for this little one. We are confident in the Lord that her life experience is a testimony to the world and that she will have a brighter future. Her hope was dependent on God's love. She was discharged on April 10, 2013 with a body weight of 3.68kg.

On the day of admission.
On the day of admission.

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