Lucy Chirwa

Lucy Chirwa
Lucy Chirwa

Lucy Chirwa was born on March 13th, 2013 to Eness Chavula. The mother delivered a baby girl on her way to the hospital with the assistance of her sister in law. After she delivered, they decided to go back home while the conditions of the baby and mother during birth were not known neither the birth weight.  By this time, Eness was at her biological parent’s home while her husband, Nael Chirwa, was in Tanzania.

Thirteen days after the birth of the girl, the mother felt sick and she was being observed at home for 3 days. The situation didn’t improve for the better hence after the third day; they took the mother to the Mzuzu Central Hospital. She was found with pneumonia and unfortunately she died after two days in the hospital. It was very sad and painful for young girl to lose her mother. The relatives didn’t know how they would support the child at this time.

After her death, the baby and her older two siblings were in the hands of their paternal great grandparents. The carer is old and frail which doesn’t guarantee a good care for the child. Moreover, the family isn’t economically viable to meet the child’s needs as they don’t have any income or sort of a business. They have a corn field but the crop hasn’t done well this season. The family is also very big with nine people. It accesses water from the well which doesn’t contain safe water at all for consumption and usage.

In safe hands
In safe hands

Lucy was considered to be at risk and vulnerable due to the situation she was in hence she was referred to Mzuzu Crisis Nursery for care, support and protection. On April 23, 2013, the girl was welcomed at the Nursery with arrival weight of 2.68kg. She was skinny and starving when we first got her but it is our hope that the girl would be picking up soon. The relatives are happy now that their child is in the safe hands where she will lack nothing. We all love her and she responds well to the care, love and the environment. She will be discharged back to her relatives soon after she starts walking and eating solid foods. Oh Lord, let her feel the love from you through your humble servants.

Enjoying the comfort of her crib.
Enjoying the comfort of her crib.

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