I've Been Rescued From The Pit Latrine!

Villagers in Mtwalo Headquarters in Mzimba district on Wednesday morning (March 13, 2013) pulled out a six days old baby girl from a pit latrine. The baby was born out of wedlock when the woman's husband was in South Africa for greener pastures.


According to Police, a boy who went in the pit latrine to answer a call of nature was shocked to hear the baby crying from the pit.

He then rushed to report the matter to the village elders who without delays they mobilised the community and demolished the toilet to save the precious life of the little girl. After successfully rescueng the baby, they cleaned her and rushed with it to the hospital for treatment. The mother was apprehended and is in police custody as her unwanted child is receiving treatment and care at Mzuzu Central Hospital. The poor mother has been charged with an offence of attempting infantcide which contrary to section 401 of Penal code of Malawi's constitution.


The husband of the woman went to South Africa to look for employment. After his long absence from home, his brother was in a secret affair with the in law and impregnated her. When the husband came to visit, he wondered to have found his wife pregnant in his absence. He chased her out from the house and the wife sought refuge from her parent's home. The responsible man for the pregnancy showed no interest and willingness to care for the child. At her parent's home, she was somehow verbally abused for the shameful thing she did. Because of these factors, she decided to get rid of the girl by greaviously throughing her own in the pit latrine.


The girl named Lusungu (Mercy) went through difficult times in the darkness where she was almost dead. She had no sufficient oxygen for her breath, she was in a bad and filthy place not deserving for a human being to stay in. She was hopeless but cried for help. The worms attacked her  from all angles, I could imagine how irritating and painful it was for her. But there was one important thing beside her, that was Jesus. He was beside her assuring her that she would be safe and indeed she was. The relatives abandoned her but man Jesus didn't foraked her. He loved her so much that he saved her from the pit of darkness. Now, we can say praises and honor to you Lord.


Lusungu is now under the care of Mzuzu Crisis Nursery where her long term placement shall be determined. It's understandably that the girl would be fostered and then adopted by any eligible family. As she awaits that process to take place, she is happy here receiving the best care she deserves. She is smiling well and happy in her crib. I can see how grateful she is to the Lord our living God. She has come here with body weight of 3.25kgs and we are hoping that she would grow up strongly and healthy.

Dumped Lusungu.
Dumped Lusungu.
In safe hands in the Nursery.
In safe hands in the Nursery.
Innocent girl faced the wrath of the mother.
Innocent girl faced the wrath of the mother.

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    Thokozani (Monday, 13 May 2013 05:44)

    oooh no thats really bad....
    thanx to crisis nursery mzuzu

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    web (Friday, 19 July 2013 02:54)

    The relatives abandoned her but man Jesus didn't foraked her. He loved her so much that he saved her from the pit of darkness. Now, we can say praises and honor to you Lord.

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