Born Triplets But Only Two Have Come.

Koreskani & Fiskani Munthali.
Koreskani & Fiskani Munthali.
Father & Granny.
Father & Granny.

After receiving the information about the babies from Rumphi Social Welfare Office, Mzuzu Crisis Nursery was set and ready to rescue the babies. As per our duty to rescue, protect and promote the welfare of babies, we were glad to have an opportunity to rescue the 2 babies and bring them to where they would be cared for with much love.

The journey to the village started off on March 12, 2013 around 9 am. We didn’t know the place we were to find the babies up until we got to Rumphi District Social Welfare where we found a social worker and babies’ relative waiting for us. They became our directors of navigation and they led us well to the place where babies were. It was a journey of 143km long just one way. The place was beautiful echoed by the adorable green vegetation in the mountain. The babies’ parents’ houses are just a stone throw to the nearby mountain where you would only find monkeys, hare, birds and different small animals. Their maize in the field was not in good shape and it appeared that they had no rains for some significant days. The road was good but mind you it isn’t a tarmac road. Our way to the place was through the beautiful vegetation and was characterised by some necessary bumps to keep us awake and entertained.

We were glad to have found the babies well dressed with two old grannies caring for them while a group of older men including the village headman were waiting for us. They were happy to see us as well.  



In fact the babies were born triplets on February 15, 2013 in Rumphi District Hospital. Unfortunately, third born baby boy died few minutes after birth leaving the first two girls alive. The mother had developed a high blood pressure which they tried to manage it but were unable. She was then referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital on February 22, 2013. Sad to say, she died right on the stretcher upon arrival at the hospital when the doctor was about to attend to her. It was so sad and painful for the family members more especially for the twins and a young father. The death of the mother had brought in more problems for the babies in terms of proper care and love for them. The grandparents are old and cannot fully care for the babies. They were hopeless but they didn’t lose their trust in God. They told us that they trusted in God that He would not forsake them. Some well-wishers assisted them with baby formula which they were using to feed their lovely two girls.

We assured them that by God’s grace and will the children would live long. God is going to care for them at the Crisis Nursery. He will give them what they need for a period of 18 months. During this period the children would require prayers from relatives and visits by relatives to make the bonding strong.



The children were born as Koreskani and Fiskani the former being the first twin with birth weight of 2.6 and 2.8 kg respectively. Koreskani and Fiskani are Tumbuka names which mean Hold Onto (firmly) and Fulfil respectively. They are happy now at the new home Mzuzu Crisis Nursery. They like the place because the people are very friendly and lovely and the environment is just very good for them. Their health is being strictly monitored and they are doing wonderful. It’s our prayer that the lives of these girls would be a true testimony to the world that would give glory to God.

Older Men & Village Head.
Older Men & Village Head.

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    As per our duty to rescue, protect and promote the welfare of babies, we were glad to have an opportunity to rescue the 2 babies and bring them to where they would be cared for with much love.

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