Twins Lose Mother After Birth.

On the day’s schedule stood a trip to Elangeni to pick up (rescue) the two new babies in need. We set off on Friday morning the 22nd of February, 2013 together with a Social Welfare Officer. The car was well equipped with the necessary baby stuffs like formula, clothes, medicine and etc.

After two hours of ride and a short march through the cornfields, we arrived at our destination. The twin’s family welcomed us to the babies inside their house. The two boys were almost 4 weeks old and very tiny.


Yamikani is the first born twin and Chigomezgo the second born twin. They lost their mother some few days after birth for unexplainable reasons. Unfortunately, the relatives don’t have enough resources to bring up them well. Because of the above, they sought for help from District Social Welfare Office – Mzuzu. The Nursery responded well to the problem by going to the village to rescue the hopeless twins. The babies were in a zone where they were missing mothers love and care. At their tender age but they could still not receive the proper food with the right amount. They could miss food (milk) at a certain time due to unavailability of it. Lack of formula resulted in the loss of weight in the babies. They became tiny and thin. It was pathetic and sad to see the babies almost dying because there was not enough food for them. The parents were hopeless if their twins would survive. But when went to rescue the lovely and adorable precious twins, we assured them with hope that the children would be fine and healthy, Lord willing. We preached the message of hope in the name of Jesus. They were reminded that God doesn’t forsake His own rather He well cares for them and shows His love towards them through us.  




For the next one and a half years, we are going to take as much as possible care of them till they are strong enough to go back to their home village. The coming in of the twins has increased the total number of children to 17.

At the moment, the twins are gaining their body weight and they are very happy. They grow very fast which make us happy and thankful. All the nannies love these twins and all the babies are happy to have their new brothers. They are well cared for in the environment befitting them to grow well. They now receive the best care they missed, the love the lacked is being shown to them. They are indeed in a place where God is overseeing them with much delight. The work done at the Crisis Nursery Mzuzu is for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Figure 4 Life at the Nursery.

Chigo & Yami.
Chigo & Yami.
Life at the Nursery.
Life at the Nursery.

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    Gertrude (Wednesday, 15 May 2013 06:51)

    wow, i know Chigo and Yamie, they are now beautiful healthy twins.
    thank God for their good health,
    and Mzuzu crisis nursery staff, may God bless you abundantly, u are doing a great job.

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