Many children have gone through Mzuzu Crisis Nursery for care, protection and support since the inception of the centre in 2006. They come when they are still young and at a later stage probably one and half years of age, they go. The children go to different places depending with their situations. Some go back to their relatives, some go on fostering then get adopted later while some go to the institution where they live up to eighteen years.It's a bitter sweet seeing children leave the Nursery when they are of the age to be discharged.


Usually, for those who go back home, the Nursery has a program called a Follow Up visit with an aim of getting to know how the children are faring at their villages with their relatives. We monitor the growth, health and wellbeing of the children. During our visit, we do carry some items like likuni (nutrious) flour for porridge, soap, sugar, salt, clothes, lotion, and etc. We also educate the relatives or guardians on how they would give a good care to their children. A social worker from the District Social Welfare Department does accompany us during these important visits.


Having said the above, the Nursery had conducted a follow up visit on three children namely Marman & Moses (twins) and Rebecca on 12/12/12. These children were visited separately because Marman & Moses live 8mks before Rebecca south of Nkhata bay (Chintheche). We first started with the twins and finished with Rebecca. We were impressed to see how these children are well cared for and loved with their relatives and guardians. The children looked verry clean, strong, healthy and happy. All the children are up to date on the under5 clinic records. Despite they were afraid of us at first, but they finally smiled at us and danced in our presence. It was so hilarious to see them dancing and singing. Our eyes were so fascinated to the artistics style they displayed, it was a tradition dance called Chilimika which is performed at the end of the year. It really touched our hearts learning that the father to the twins is the one doing most of the things for his children. He does take them to the under5 clinic every month, he gives them a bath, washes their clothes and the likes. This is the type of the fathers we want in Malawi - a father who loves his children not by words only but through action as well.


We advised them to continue doing the good job on their children. When children are happy the whole house is happy. The stuffs mentioned above were given to them as one way of providing psychosocial support to them. They were so happy and excited to have received the gifts which they liked very much. We left their places very happy people and impressed.



Marman & Moses with grammy.
Marman & Moses with grammy.
Rebecca Niyerenda
Rebecca Niyerenda

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