Two Mothers die After Giving Birth


Austin Chirwa is 10 weeks now since he was born on September 25, 2012. They were born twins Augustine and Austine. They were born from their mother who was in her early 20's.The boys were the first borns in their family.


The mother gave birth through casaerian section and it is believed that she bled a lot which led to her death. She died 2 days after giving birth to her twins. The mother was Leah Nyirenda. Unfortunately, when people were burrying the mother, Augustine also died 3 days after birth. It was a sad moment for young Medson, the father and wife to the deceased and surving child - Austine. It was a difficult situation to manage in the family. Austine needed care but there was no one able to do such a thing. There was only 2 grannies who looked very old and frail. Austine not only missed his loved mother and brother but also the adequete care he needed most for his survival.


As I am writing now, the boy is very happy at the Crisis Nursery Mzuzu enjoying the amazing love he is getting at the center. He was not doing fine the time he was admitted but he has since improved very quickly. His weight is going up each and every week. Caregivers are very happy to care for him as well. He likes crying at night which is common in babies but we are confidet that very soon he will stop. God is caring for well for a purpose, to give testimony about the love of Jesus Christ.

He is healthy and happy. All thanks and praises be unto God.


In the same note, Crisis Nursery admitted Clever Hara a baby boy who lost her mother some days after delivery. He was admitted in November 12 to make a total of children 17. After the death of the mother, Clever had no relative to care for him. The father was stranded as how he was going to handle the child. In Malawi, it is very rare for a man to care for a baby hence it becomes very hard for the father when the mother passes away leaving a baby behind. The aunt and grandmother to the child are both mentally ill. It took the love and compassionate of the neghbour to temporarily care for the precious little one. She was doing a good job up until the Crisis Nursery rescued the child.

The boy was found with a cough but right now we are all pleased that the cough has gone. He has been to the hospital for immunizations since he came. He is a happy baby and keeps on gaining weight. It is very sad that he lost his mother when he needed her the most but God is thanked for the care and love He is showing to the boy.


The staff members of the Mzuzu Crisis Nursery are also thanked for their untiring commitment which has resulted in the happiness of babies and their good health. The children's lost hope is being restored through the care and love of God.



Clever Hara on the day of Admission.
Clever Hara on the day of Admission.
Austin Chirwa on the day of admission.
Austin Chirwa on the day of admission.

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