Readers, you are all welcome again to this another new blog about Mzuzu Crisis Nursery. The blog shall serve you with more information about the activities taking place at the centre e.g. about the new babies, their growth, discharges and family backgrounds, excitements, blessings and many more. This is just a continuation of the blog work I was doing on mohmcn.blogspot.com. I'm here just to continue where I left on the former blog.

The new blog has been created again after the former had some technical issues which could not be fixed. It was decided that a new blog should be created in order to keep our dear readers abreast. We apologise for the inconvience that may cause.


Thank you Matthew Langdon for your untiring work on the blog. You remain supportive to the cause of the Nursery and may God bless you.


The Nursery family sicerely thank you our dear readers for visiting the site and praying for the Nursery for the glory of the Lord.


God loves you all and stay blessed as you enjoy reading the appetising stories about the precious little ones.



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